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Looking for the right shoe , here's some information by  Fit & Feel experts, Sean Hartford and Alike Boggan.!

For the most part everyday women and men first pick up shoes based on the way they look from a style perspective.  Whilst style is such an important emotional factor that makes us feel confident in what we wearing the comfort factor should be equally important.

Brand can vary and so can feet types so make sure to ask questions such as is this wide, medium or narrow fit. A shoe that is tight and uncomfortable will not necessarily wear in so make sure you get the right fit by gathering as much information about the shoe and also trying it on.

Choose shoes to accomodate your foot type first over a specific style that you may prefer.  As an example a pointy narrow shoe will not be the most suitable or comfortable option for a wider foot type.

A shoe should fit snug around your foot, have a good heal counter and a nice firm flex in the forefoot area.  There should be a finger width between the longest toe and the front tip of the shoe.

One of the Fantastic benefits of Vionic shoes that is designed with orthotic support and premium materials to acoomodate for swelling of feet.  The orthotic support can prevent the foot from excessive over pronation and allowing the natural allignment of the feet. 

Here are some tips:

— adjust and secure straps to ensure personalised fit.  Walk around in the shoe.

-  Good Circulation is important and reduces swelling so straps should never to be too tight ! 

— The adjustment points on the shoe are there to keep the shape of your foot in alignment with the shape of the shoe. You should not be sliding forward or experiencing friction from your foot or heel rubbing against the straps.

make sure to walk around in the house a few times with your shoes to wear them in.